PRESS RELEASE Secure Seamless Connectivity for Remote Workers Free for Six Months

NetOpt in partnership with Finland headquartered Bittium to provide secure Bittium SafeMove® remote access software to organisation’s currently struggling with remote working tools.

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA – April 1, 2020 – Bittium, a leading Finnish provider of reliable and secure solutions for communications and connectivity and Brisbane based NetOpt announced today that they have joined forces to deliver Bittium SafeMove® Mobile VPN, a leading software solution for managing and delivering seamless, uninterrupted and secure network connectivity to mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets. The solution is offered free for six months to Australian companies struggling with remote working. Efficient remote working has become critical as the current pandemic requires more and more employees to work from home.
“The pandemic has put all organisations under tremendous stress and remote working is one way to flatten the curve. We want to help those who are struggling with their remote working by providing a scalable and hassle-free software which enables everyone to focus on what is essential in their work”, said Juha Eskelin, Head of Bittium SafeMove® solutions.
Major benefits of Bittium SafeMove® solution are:
Solid Security (Military Grade), Zero Click Connectivity, Seamless Roaming, Long session Persistence, Scalability, Productivity, Cost Savings, Reliability and High Availability.
“This is unprecedented times and remote working is essential for most organisations, especially in healthcare, Utilities, Government and Finance to name a few. Bittium SafeMove® solutions will enable remote staff to continue working securely. We are extremely pleased to offer Bittium SafeMove® solutions to Australian customers free for six months”, said Rick Nand, Product manager at NetOpt.
Bittium SafeMove® solutions are suited to all sectors and in particular Health, Financial, Government, Utilities and Defence. To get started, we will provide free online training to make on-boarding as easy as possible. The only cost to organisations would be installation fees and providing needed server.
About Bittium SafeMove® Solutions:
Bittium is a trusted Finnish company with over 30 years of experience in advanced radio communication technologies and biosignal processing. As a pioneer in remote access solutions, Bittium provides easy-to-use SafeMove® software solutions to deliver highly secure and seamless connectivity to mobile workers regardless of time, place or network. SafeMove® product portfolio has been designed for outstanding performance even in the most challenging network conditions. It is widely used in demanding environments, such as public safety, healthcare, utilities and defence forces. Net sales in 2019 were EUR 75.2 million and Bittium had approximately 650 employees. Bittium is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Exchange.
About NetOpt:
Network Optimiser Solutions PTY Ltd (NetOpt) is a leading provider of ICT Security, Communications and Medical solutions.
NetOpt solutions are geared towards a large range of business sectors, including Oil & Gas, Mining, Health, Government, Finance, Manufacturing, Education and Defence. NetOpt is a Systems Integrator and niche value-add distributor in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania Region with strong emphasis on high-quality, yet affordable solutions.

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