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Supplier: Upwey Valve & Engineering
12 August, 2013

Slurry transport in the mining industry is a commonly used technique for moving partially and fully processed materials, and waste.

Often this type of treatment is more economical and rapid than other transportation methods, such as those involving conveyor systems or haulage.

Additionally, the materials on a mine-site are often slurried for processing, and pipeline transport is necessary.

However frequently utilised, efficient slurry transport still poses serious engineering problems through the properties of the slurry. These include, but are not limited to, particle settling, attrition, pipe/fitting/impeller wear, degradation of flocculated or friable solids, and the pumpability of the slurry.

In addition, the effects of these challenges can be exacerbated, or reduced by process or environmental variables, such as temperature, pH or solids loading. 

As specialists in the design and manufacture of slurry and tailings valves we understand your challenges and our professional team is ready to help so why not drop us a line.

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