Quality hose reels 'a must' for pressure cleaning

Supplier: ReCoila Hose and Cord Reels
31 July, 2014

Pressure washing equipment demands an extreme level of solidity and reliability in order to function in the field under such high pressures.

Whilst pressure washing units themselves are generally up to the task, occasionally accessories such as budget hose reels can let down an entire pressure cleaning operation.

Reels not designed to withstand these pressures for long duty cycles can buckle under the strain, resulting in warped flanges and spools and ultimately bringing the job to a standstill.

Established Australian hose reel specialist ReCoila offers a word of caution against cheap imports or 'general purpose' reels that are not specifically designed for pressure washing.

"We see a lot of reels in the field that we would consider not fit for purpose," says Managing Director Michael Pawson.

"In addition to this making life harder for the operator, the hose reel can end up being a safety hazard – reels not rated to the required pressure can fail suddenly, resulting in potential injury to workers."

Pawson recommends ensuring the hose reel is rated to the right pressure for the job and has a very solid base design resulting in greater structural integrity.

Reelcraft hoses suitable for high pressure cleaning

"We are the only authorised Australian distributor of Reelcraft hose reels, and we find Reelcraft's PW Series pressure wash reel to be very popular in the pressure cleaning sector.

"The PW Series is rated to 5000psi which is adequate for most common applications, however we also manufacture and import other models capable of handling much higher pressures."

A compact dual pedestal design is incorporated into Reelcraft's pressure wash reels. The PW Series is able to hold 15 or 30 metres of 10mm hose and comes complete with a high pressure water swivel for maximum product delivery. The swivel is designed to handle a broad range of pressures, temperatures and chemicals; perfect for agricultural, marine, equipment cleaning and pressure washing applications. A robust spring rewind mechanism allows for easy deploying and retraction.

ReCoila has been building hose reels in Australia for over 35 years and is at the forefront of the industry, offering Asia-Pacific's most comprehensive range. Used by everyone from fire brigades, Australian defence forces and global oil and gas giants to your local plumber and auto workshop, ReCoila has a reputation for quality and longevity in Australia's harsh conditions.