ReCoila hose reels integral to subsea works

Supplier: ReCoila Hose and Cord Reels
17 April, 2014

Ocean Trenching Technologies is an Australian company providing installation and trenching of submarine and umbilical cables.

Ocean Trenching operates crawler class ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) as part of its specialist marine services, each capable of 3.3m cable burial by either chain cutting, jetting or rock saw attachment.

Ocean Trenching recently contracted ReCoila to design, manufacture and deliver two unique hose reels that are hot-dip galvanised to ensure longevity in a marine environment. One of the reels is being put to use as a water hose storage reel, the other as a hydraulic hose umbilical reel that runs up to a hydraulic power unit and goes down subsea to link with the crawler class ROV; this reel holds six bundled 100m hoses.

"We enquired through a high-end industry connection for advice on who could best supply customised hydraulic hose reels, and they pointed us towards ReCoila," said Ocean Trenching's Tom Wilson.

"We are a global supplier ourselves and have demanding clients that require subsea installation of power cables, communications lines, pipelines, fibre optic cables and also drilling services.

"It is critical we avoid downtime, so the customised reels ReCoila designed for us were engineered for extensive duty cycles – regardless of whether demand is low or high."

ReCoila custom designed and manufactured both these large reels at its head office and manufacturing plant in Sydney. For more information on custom made hose reels contact them by email or read more about ReCoila's capabilities here.