Reel Tech Remote Control Hose Reels

Supplier: Reel Tech By: Reel Tech
08 May, 2015

Reel Tech has over 20 years’ experience as an Australian owned hose and cable reel manufacturer and supplier.

As exclusive partner of Hannay, they offer a large range to suit a diverse range of applications, and have designed and manufactured patented products for the local market such as Pit Bull™ direct drive reels, Safe-R-Reel™ safer rewind speed control, Fire Dog™ fire-fighting and fire protection reels, and Flat Winderpat. pend. level wind hose-layering system.

Radio controlled rewind technology allows operators to remotely rewind reels in any application, including refuelling, spraying, delivery and evacuation. Reel Tech has released an advanced remote control system for their hose reels. Building on one of the Hannay RM, released in 2008, they have developed it for mining and defence applications, with increased robustness. Coupled with a Pit Bull™, it is the ideal solution for single-operator applications in mining and other harsh environments.

With the addition of the Flat Winderpat. pend., hose level technology it becomes a complete hose management system designed for single-operator use. A single operator can activate the push button on the belt pendant and rewind the reel remotely, without the need to walk the hose back to the reel and manually feed the hose for even hose layering and storage.

Another significant improvement includes a remote mounted antenna for long range applications in mining, defence, emergency and rescue, agriculture and contracting. Reel Tech’s adaptive frequency control technology ensures the signal is not blocked nor interferes with other channels in the area, critical for emergency services and mining applications.

Our direct-drive remote controlled reels, from the same pedigree as our mining series platform, perform reliably in tough environments, have low-maintenance requirements and long service life, and 150 metres (492 feet) maximum standard capacity.

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