SEMIL Extreme-Rugged Embedded Computer

SEMIL IP67 Waterproof Extreme Rugged Embedded Computer and GPU Computer

Neousys SEMILs are IP67 waterproof capable fanless GPU computers. They are a class above industrial embedded systems and are designed to survive and operate in significantly more volatile conditions while maintaining COTS availability. SEMILs also feature reinforced chassis, M12 connectivity, SuperCap UPS and patented technology to ensure non-throttling GPU performance up to 62°C ambient temperature.

With edge AI deployment becoming more popular in recent years, embedded systems deployed at the edge are usually positioned in hazardous environments that we once avoid putting laborers in. They can be hazardous environments such as high chemical content, chemical by-product concentration or atmospheric conditions (corrosion, humidity, salinity, dust, etc.) that may cause significant harm immediately or in the near future.

Recognizing the niche market, specifically the structural integrity of current embedded systems that limit their deployments into extreme-harsh conditions, Neousys created the extreme-rugged series, the SEMIL.

Aiming to resolve the environmental or climatic factors, Neousys Technology SEMIL computers are a class above traditional rugged-embedded
computers. They seek to address some basic but overlooked and yet hard to achieve designs that are ideal for applications such as:

• Factory Automation (food & beverage, chemical, recycling, etc)
• Military
• Maritime
• Environmental Monitoring
• Medical
• Industrial Vehicle
• Transportation
• Railway

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