Shrink-film used for all things Aerospace

Intercept Australia was selected to prepare two Sikorsky 73 A helicopters for sea transport from Australia to Mexico.

Exposure to such a harsh ocean environment resulted in Static Intercept® shrink-film being applied over the exterior to protect against corrosion. Desiccant and Corrosion used to preserve the interior, blades and turbines.

Another Intercept Australia's agent Integra Packaging provided preservation for the Australian Defence Force retired Sea King 5 airframes and 500,000 parts for export to United Kingdom. All frames were wrapped using Static Intercept® shrink-film with a second layer UV Stabilised Power shrink. Part specific boxes were lined with Static Intercept® for medium to long term storage. For shorter storage solutions, Intercept 2® was applied.

Intercept Australia provided re-usable Static-Intercept® canvas covers for the shipment and storage of training aircraft engines and Static Intercept® heavy duty woven bags for the front wheel landing gear.

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