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Signet's Top 4 Time Saving Packaging Tips

Supplier: Signet By: Phyllida Yeo
19 August, 2016

As this new financial year is well underway, it's a great time to start thinking about new or improved ways to save time.

Many of our customers frequently package items, and re-evaluating current processes and set ups could highlight some potential time saving opportunities.

Read our tips below to find out more.


Time saving tip 1 – Set up your workstation right

Correctly setting up workstations is crucial. Excessive or unnecessary bending and stretching can result in injuries and time off. If employees aren't placing their backs etc. under strain, the chance of injury is reduced and your packaging processes won't grind to a halt. Small adjustments can have a significant impact on being able to maintain an efficient and safe process.

A simple assessment of the packing area could highlight improvement opportunities.


Time saving tip 2 – Have all of your packaging supplies where they are needed

Over time, workstations can become untidy and cluttered. Items used to apply essential packaging supplies to your goods can be lost, and as a result, time can be wasted finding or replacing them. Examples of such items can include:

Some ways to keep essential supplies organised can include:

  • Conducting regular checks to make sure that the items are at their correct location
  • Place all of the frequently used items within arm's reach
  • Depending on the packing area set up, a board may also be able to be utilised to visually show where items need to be returned after use


Time saving tip 3 – Ensure packaging supplies are near the central packing area

It is important to make sure that all of your packaging supplies are stored close to the packing area. As new stock comes in and requires storage space, other items may have to be moved, and their nearness to packing stations could be changed.

If a change to a stocks location is necessary, ensure frequently used items are easy to reach.

Regularly used items may include:

If packing stations are close to doorways or walkways, packing material could be blown around or get in the way. Picking the right location is important to ensure that time is not wasted picking material off the floor and moving it out of the way.


Time saving tip 4 – Choose the right skillset for the job

Employing the right skillset to effectively carry out a job, is just as crucial as having the correct tools. If a higher number of items need packaging, speed may be needed. If fragile items need to be packaged, more precision may be needed.

There are many benefits that can come from reassessing each product's packaging needs including:

  • Confirmation that current processes are still the best solution
  • Identifying changes that need to be made or can be made to improve the end product
  • What training may be required to grow your workers skills

Getting the basics right this financial year could highlight a number of improvement opportunities that may have been otherwise missed.


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