Single Spindle Beam line Advantage

Single spindle beam lines have some advantages over multi spindle systems.

There is the obvious, like they are smaller so they can fit into smaller workshops. They are cheaper so they are more obtainable for small and medium sized fabricators. These are both great reasons to go with an Avenger series Drill line but versatility may be even more important.

For most fabricators, no two jobs are the same and you never know what the next project has in store for you. Unusual jobs can be the bread and butter for the small fabricator because they have good money in them but they create challenges.

Challenges that require ether loads of man hours or a very versatile machine. A great example of the versatility of the Avenger is from Jone Jones Steel in Christchurch NZ. John Jones Steel had a big job where they needed to drill loads of holes in 600mm x 600mm RHS. I don’t think that there is a multi spindle beam line in the world that could pass a 600mm square tube though it. Most beam lines have a max height of 460mm maybe 500mm. For the Avenger 600mm x 600mm is no problem it could even do 1000mm or even 1250mm on an Avenger plus.

Above is a photo of Darren at JJS while they were process these huge RHS sections. Because of the versatility of the Avenger JJS have held on to their Avenger Drill line ever though they now have a Peddinghaus Multi spindle.

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