Slimline water tanks for new homes

Supplier: Rotoplas
04 September, 2018

Government policy demands water sustainability in new homes. At the same time, new home sizes are declining, and the building of apartments rather than detached homes means minimal space for tanks.

Consequently, with less room for round water tanks, and a need for a space efficient solution, slimline water tanks are quickly becoming one of the most popular rainwater tank options because of their narrow footprint. Narrow width means these tanks can fit snugly beside a dwelling, fence, garage or shed. They take up minimal space without compromising on sufficient water storage capacity.

Slimline tanks are also chosen for their unique appearance, and some homeowners even use this as a design feature. The smooth style, seamless design and the choice of over 20 popular Colorbond colours, make our new Slimline Water Tank design one of the most durable and best looking slimline models around. In our opinion anyway.

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