Stop your anti fatigue mat curling on the edges

We have come across a few customers who throw away perfectly good anti fatigue mats when the edges curl and have written this guide to help you care for your anti fatigue mat.

Placing a mat against a wall or other vertical surface where one side of the mat slides up that surface can cause the mat to remain curled. This is due to the mat’s memory, where it keeps the curled edge/s and this/these become a permanent feature of the mat in question.

While we understand the thinking behind the disposal of the mats with curled edges, as a reaction to safety issues, we can label this as unnecessary. Why? Simply, because we can rejuvenate a mat with curled edges, which is still quite serviceable with our renewal service.

And, this service involves simply trimming off the offending edges, resulting in a perfectly flat mat, which removes the initial safety issue/s.

Of course, you could upgrade your mat/s from standard edges to Super Beveled edges. We can add this bevel for you when you send the mat to us for rework or repair.

Of course, as Benjamin Franklin put it so aptly, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

To consider this, let’s look at the causes of curling edges of anti fatigue mats. Curling from an operators usage can be caused by:

  • Mats not being stored flat or not rolled correctly when in storage
  • Mats being pushed up against benches, tables, walls etc while in use.
  • Mats being subjected to oils, greases, acids or other strong liquids for prolonged periods of time, this     doesn’t include mats specifically made to resist chemicals and such liquids.

Hence, to prevent curling, it is good to note that mats should be store flat, or rolled correctly,(always roll with the top surface of the mat on the outside of the roll)  when stored. As well, it’s important to avoid pushing up mats against walls and benches, tables and the like when in use. A common thing we hear is where new mats have been pushed up into newly tapered skirtings in new clean room and lab areas

For DIY ways of correcting this curling problem with anti fatigue mats, click here.

Or, if you prefer to contact us now for our renovation services.