Structural steel sheds protect your crop from the weather

Structural steel sheds protect the harvest, machinery, equipment and farm supplies from extreme weather.
Structural steel sheds protect the harvest, machinery, equipment and farm supplies from extreme weather.

Extreme weather, drought, frost and cyclones have caused lower crop yields over recent years.

But, this year's weather is promising to be good and grain forecasts are looking better than ever before. One of the best investments that grain farms can make for a high-yield season is the investment in a structural steel shed to protect the harvest, machinery, equipment and farm supplies.

Unusual weather events, like cyclones or temperature extremes not only impact a growing season, the weather can alter the quality of harvested grain. Modern farm sheds are also better insulated to protect grain during the dry store after harvest.

Modern agricultural sheds are a good capital investment and are an important farm asset. Replacing an old shed or building a new shed ensures that grain crops are well protected from contamination or infestation during the harvest season. Many grain exchange traders prefer grain that is stored in a shed and has been dried with a large area exposed to air rather than grain stored in a confined silo. A quality, structural steel building allows farmers to manage the cool, dry storage conditions and aeration of the grain.

WBS Wheatbelt Steel farm sheds can be quickly erected by our own skilled teams and often are customised for individual requirements. Using only Australian Steel,  our modern sheds have predesigned components sized for common grain harvesting and transfer machinery. Roof and door access is structurally engineered to withstand both heavy use and designed to hold up in the regional weather. In addition providing good access to the grain storage, sheds can be engineered with current fans, moisture management equipment and grain drying systems.

WBS Wheatbelt Steel has been erecting work sheds, machinery sheds and storage farm sheds since 1982. During the last 30 years, WBS Wheatbelt Steel has supported Western Australian agricultural businesses with knowledgeable engineering and reliable construction of structural steel farm buildings. Contact us to find out more about the structural steel buildings that we've erected and how we can meet your needs.