Sullair launches the new Champion range

Supplier: Sullair Australia
18 August, 2014

Sullair Australia has relaunched its celebrated premium range of Champion compressors.

Renowned for reliable performance in the toughest of conditions, the Champion family - now comprising the CSA and the VOC (Variable Output Control) line-ups - starts at 18kW and extends right up to 250kW.

With a suitably sized compressor for every application, the streamlining of the Champion range simplifies the selection process, and therefore supplying the right product at the right place.

According to Sullair Australia National Stationary Product Manager, Sriram Subramonian, Sullair Australia has always prided itself on its ability to customise its Champion compressors to meet the demanding requirements of the end user.

"As part of the relaunch, we have incorporated all the most popular options into a standard package for each model, so the end user benefits from many extra features at no extra cost, however, we have still retained the less-common preferences as selectable options to enable us to match our solutions to the precise demands of each application," he said.

The CSA series is available from 18 to 37kW and the VOC line-up from 45 to 250kW. Variable speed drive (VSD) is available for each of the 13 models across the range, effectively doubling the choice to 26 different compressors. The VSD technology allows the air output to be electronically turned down by as much as 70 per cent of the rated air output for each compressor, while the VOC airend enables a further mechanical turndown up to 50 per cent.

When combined, a VOC/VSD Champion compressor can regulate the output air anywhere between 100 per cent of its rated output right down to 15 per cent, providing an energy-efficient compressed-air solution that is ideal for industries that experience variable air demands.

In addition to its energy-saving credentials, Champion is also a name synonymous with rugged reliability in the most demanding conditions.

"These compressors are designed tough here in Australia to meet the tough extremes of climate commonly experienced across the country," explained Subramonian.

"This makes them perfectly suited to any application where continuous operation in a hostile environment is normal, such as mining and the oil/gas industries. Equally, for critical applications where downtime can have catastrophic consequences on production, Champion compressors deliver the surety, peace-of-mind and dependability that an end user needs."

Sullair Australia works closely with all its customers to understand their unique requirements for each compressed-air application. In this way, the company ensures each solution is engineered to provide the most reliable, energy-efficient and cost-efficient compressed-air solution possible - optimising environmental performance while reducing the bottom line.

While Sullair Australia is confident that the current Champion line-up offers industry a premium compressor solution for every industrial compressed-air application, the company maintains research and development to ensure the Champion brand continues to surpass end-users' expectations into the future.

"For example, the recent move to direct drive for all new Champion models reduces transmission losses, improves reliability and simplifies maintenance," said Subramonian.

"Sullair's ongoing focus on research and development for the Champion family ensures the latest technologies are harnessed to deliver an enhanced ownership experience for our customers."