Testimonials for RM Stock

Supplier: Barcode Logic
09 June, 2009

Retail Warehouse

"...It is so easy to install and just works! It saves days of stocktaking time and its cost is recouped in no time at all.

Additional modules, all included in the initial cost, include Purchase Ordering, Goods receiving and Sales Ordering. The software is constantly being updated at no extra cost to clients. Unlike other products once purchased, there is no ongoing support charge."

The friendly team at Barcode Logic listen to client requests, and wherever possible incorporate constructive suggestions into future releases..."

Infront Business

"...As an MYOB RetailManager Professional and MYOB Certified Consultant I wish to endorse Barcode Logic's RM Stock Scanner.

I have been dealing with Barcode Logic for over 2 years and i have numerous clients that use RM Stock. RM Stock is an invaluable tool when it comes to mobile stocktaking. I have a client send me the following via email :-

"Just thought we'd let you know how happy we are with the RM Stock scanner, it made our stocktake so easy, we did it in half the time, with just the two of us instead of our normal 6 staff working all weekend. It updated our correct quantities in no time and gave us a report to check too easy!"...

Mobile Management

"...As a RetailManager Professional I have been recommending and selling RMStock Scanners from Barcode Logic for over 2 years now.

The software enables the user to interface with RetailManager in a logical manner and I find it very quick to demonstrate and train clients in their use. My clients using RMStock Scanners are saving valuable time and effort when it comes to stocktake, ordering and receiving goods.

The Barcode Logic Support team have excellent product knowledge, are always available, friendly and willing to assist..."

Joel Kahan

"...We have supplied and installed Barcode Logic's RM-Stock Add-on Stocktaking Solution to hundreds of MYOB RetailManager sites over the last six years

This solution has been upgraded over the years and is a tried and proven excellent add-on improving the functionality of MYOB RetailManager. It enables stock takes to be completed very efficiently

Overall it is an extremely reliable solution and we continue to recommend it to all our clients..."

Bizcon Services

"...I first saw Barcode Logic's RM Stock Add on solution at the National RMP Conference in March 2006. I was very impressed with its ease of use and how the colour combination of the screens it uses for data collection look similar to the MYOB RetailManager transaction screens.

The clients that are using RM STock are all extremely happy with the product. It is easy to install and support from the Barcode Logic team has always been reliable, helpful and professional although very little support is required for this product

There is also no charge to clients for upgrades so they are extremely happy with there one off fee

I will continue to recommend this Add on Solution to my clients as it is easy to use and very reliable, and integrates perfectly with MYOB RetailManager..."