Testo refrigeration knowledge in 3 modules

Supplier: Testo Australia By: Praj Perera
16 August, 2018

Understanding refrigeration systems. Principles and main components of refrigeration technology. Correct measurement on refrigeration systems.

Refrigeration systems have become indispensable in various areas of our daily life. They ensure optimum air conditioning of buildings, cool industrial processes and enable longer storage and freezing of food. However, the advantages of refrigeration systems are accompanied by a significant consumption of resources which is constantly growing all over the world and affecting the climate. This makes it all the more important to plan systems for refrigeration and air conditioning technology professionally and operate them efficiently. 

A refrigeration system is a closed, and ideally hermetically sealed, pipework system in which refrigerants circulate. A refrigerant is an operating medium which takes up heat at a low temperature and low pressure and gives off heat at a higher temperature and higher pressure. These so-called compression refrigerant circuits comprise at least four main components which will be briefly described in greater detail below.

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