The Eziloader Ground Level Loading Trailer - A Revolutionary Trailer System

This model (EZ2-V) incorporates a van body clad in aluminium.

It was ordered as a custom built unit by an international company. It features an 1800mm wide x 4500mm long internal space, with many tie down points, shelving and a front access window. The rear has a half roller shutter door and sturdy ramp.
The front console houses the main controller, lift mechanism, battery, charger and spare wheel. The lift/lower controls are housed in a small cabinet at the rear along with the winch plug. Everything is lockable.
A new feature is the auto locking system that ensures the inner 'tub' is held securely during transit and storage, and when the tub is required to lower, the locks move away automatically once the DOWN button is pressed.
With it's matt black and silver livery, the Ezlioader 2 with the van body, certainly stands out, but it's the original design function that still blows people's minds when they see it in operation, where the floor lowers to the  ground and you can just walk in or push any wheeled vehicle right in. The idea of eliminating lifting items up on to a conventional trailer bed certainly works, and it's certainly beneficial when at the end of your journey, you simply roll out the items at ground level, especially when the receiver doesn't have a forklift.
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