Think outside the box with Signet's range of cardboard cartons

Supplier: Signet
05 January, 2012

Signet has an extensive range of cartons to suit your needs.

As packaging is a main focus for Signet, our range of shipping cartons have fast become a reputable and dependable alternative in the marketplace.
To ensure your packaging and shipping needs are met, Signet offers a wide range of cartons including tall cartons, flat cartons, adjustable cartons, square cartons, printer cartons and large cartons. Some of the best-sellers include the standard shipping cartons, heavy duty cartons, and white shipping cartons. All cartons are available in an assortment of sizes, making them suitable for your every need. If you find that the current sizes do not meet your needs, Signet can supply you with a custom made carton to suit your specifications.
The Signet shipping cartons are made from 100 per cent recycled material and are available in 35 different sizes – each carton being able to hold up to 20kg. The carton’s walls are made from an industry standard single flute layer. These cartons are supplied in compact flat bundles for easy and unobtrusive storage.
For more heavy duty packaging needs, Signet provides heavy duty cartons which can contain and protect up to 40kg. This is achieved with double fluted layers which bond together at the flute tips to offer greater strength. The heavy duty cartons are available in 5 different sizes, all made from 100 per cent recycled materials.
Signet is a leading supplier of packaging and storage products. Being a national distributer, delivery of goods can even be achieved overnight throughout Australia to major cities including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide when orders are placed before 2 pm.
Along with an extensive range of cardboard cartons, Signet offers a number of other packaging consumables that make Signet a one-stop-shop supplier. Products available includes cover-all tan that conceals unwanted marks for re-using  cartons, packaging tape, safety knives, markers and pallet wrapping.

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