Tomato grower SA Tomato upgrades to automatic pallet wrapping solution and increases productivity.

Fresh produce grower, SA Tomato has been producing commercial quantities of tomato seedlings to supply to growers for several years.

Based in Virginia, South Australia, SA Tomato is a crucial starting point in the vegetable supply chain. Australians love their tomatoes and the country relies on businesses such as SA Tomato keep the supply going, all year round.

The challenge:

SA tomato needed to increase their output of seedlings for transportation to growers for planting. Their staff was challenged by having to wrap their seedling pallets by hand, a process that was physically taxing and time consuming.

The problem:

SA Tomato was hand wrapping their seedling trolleys, a physically challenging task which also meant warehouse staff were taking longer to complete. In addition, more manual handling was required at the end of the trolley wrapping process, with cutting and sealing required prior to the trolley being ready to transport. This took up further valuable time in the end process for dispatch.

The solution:

Omni Group was able to provide an automatic trolley and pallet wrapping solution with the installation of the Motus Fix SP to accelerate the rate of trolleys wrapped.

The results:

Increased number of trolleys wrapped, staff with less physical demands, enabling them to be deployed elsewhere, and the rapid ability to dispatch wrapped trolleys onto transport using forklifts. The wrapper’s automatic heat-sealing and cutting technology at the beginning and end of the operation greatly reduces the amount of manual handling required.

Client testimonial:

“Omni Group was able to recommend the perfect solution to saving our staff’s backs! Now that the machine is in place, we’re able to have workers employed elsewhere in the business where they are needed. Omni Group has also been responsive and reliable when it comes to making adjustments to the machinery to get it fine-tuned to the way we need it to work.Johnno, SA Tomato

Watch: See our Motus Fix SP wrap this pallet of beautiful South Australian tomato seedlings, keeping them safe and sound and ready to be transported from the greenhouse to their next destination – the earth.

We can’t wait to see the luscious tomatoes grown ready for the nation’s plates!

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