Turret - Driveline Safety & Maintenance tips

Keep your drivelines driving with these regular tips from the industry specialist.

With over 50 years experiance of servicing driveshafts across all markets and applications there's a wealth of technical know-how and practical advice gathered up that we'd like to share. 

TURRET TIP Driveshaft Bolts / Fixings

  • When removing & reinstalling driveshafts ensure all self-locking bolts are replaced
  • Torque these fixing bolts to the manufacturer's specifications

TURRET TIP Busting the Myth as to Overgreasing!

If your shaft is fitted with grease nipples they are there to be used and we don't believe you can grease them too much.

Universal joints should be filled till grease purges out all 4 seals. Also check slip section for grease nipples and pump cavity full. In older types you’ll need to cover the relief hole in cap at end of yoke so grease fills cavity completely and is seen coming through dustcap at opposite end. 

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