Wastewater Evaporator eliminates water transport costs

Supplier: Tecpro Australia
08 December, 2010

Managing wastewater is simplified with the high power ELEFANTE fog maker, distributed by Tecpro Australia.

Industries such as mining and power generation plants often have excessive amounts of wastewater to deal with.

Superfluous wastewater can create significant problems. It can be costly to transport away – and, if left untreated, there is a danger that overflowing storage dams can run into natural watercourses or rivers and penetrate local aquifers, generating groundwater pollution, health hazards and odours.
As a possible solution, Tecpro Australia is pleased to offer the ELEFANTE fog maker.
"The ELEFANTE is a very efficient method of removing unwanted water in many types of industrial environments," says Graeme Cooper, Managing Director of Tecpro Australia. "It draws up the unwanted water, then converts it into a fine mist, shooting billions of fine droplets into the air via three concentric nozzle rings. The fine water droplets are propelled by a powerful fan up to 60 metres, making it possible for them to evaporate rapidly."
The Evaporator can be supplied mounted on a wheeled trolley, or it can be fitted to a concrete base or to a trailer. This means it can be placed wherever excess water needs to be evaporated," said Mr Cooper. It uses water pressure of 10 bar through 156 nozzles, and the flow rate varies from 14.8 litres per minute to 87.6 litres per minute, depending on the particular nozzle size fitted. The unit requires 400v-50Hz power and uses 11 Kw of energy.

"By removing water via this powerful evaporation method, businesses avoid the expense of having to transport it away by truck," said Mr Cooper. "This also eliminates the environmental footprint associated with the transportation."

The fog maker has a rotation angle of 320° and elevation of -20° to +45°. Air volume from the Fog Maker is 28.500 m³/h. The height of the ELEFANTE is 2.4 metres and the fan diameter is 660mm.

"We are very pleased to offer the ELEFANTE Evaporator atomizing system as a highly effective and efficient method of wastewater evaporation," said Mr Cooper. "It is ideally suited to the wastewater elimination needs of mining, power generation and construction industries, or anywhere that it is necessary to eliminate excessive volumes of water."