The recent upswing in the preservation of food hygiene has been underscored due to the Covid19 pandemic.  Businesses have reacted with innovative methods of cleanliness in both the retail and manufacturing industries.

At Allplastics Engineering, we have in turn assisted many businesses providing acrylic sneeze guards and polycarbonate barriers for numerous applications.  We were the obvious choice for retail premises such as chemist shops, post offices, medical centres, hotels and many more.

One interesting project recently completed was a bespoke display for a distributor of various nuts and spices.  Nuts of many varieties are a healthy snack alternative and useful in many recipes.  Naughty Nuts display their huge variety in the pop-up stores and need a safe and hygienic way of protecting the nuts and spices from airborne particles, insects, coughs and sneezes.  In addition, their spice display also required protection from humidity.

Allplastics responded to the request of business owner Mr. Alkhairellah, by crafting custom made boxes and dividers to protect the nuts, spices and other foodstuffs such as dates, from the various risks while maintaining a beautifully aesthetic display.

The owner of Naughty Nuts commented “…Allplastics has been tremendous in patiently working with us in delivering a custom made solution for our stores…” he added “…thank you Hari and the team for their quality workmanship – the stackable and airtight nuts and spice displays save us a lot of valuable time each day spent packing and organizing each nut compartment.  Furthermore, our customers have made positive comments about the freshness of the nuts and spices since we commenced using the Allplastics display boxes.” 

Let Allplastics Engineering assist with your next retail point of sale or food hygiene maintenance project.

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