What are the different types of Heat Sealers?

Heat sealers come in different sizes and methods of application. The type of heat sealer you need depends on the product, seal strength and integrity of the seal you require.

Heat sealers are appliances with a heating element that uses an electric current to heat and seal thermoplastic bags to form a sealed unit. The heating bar is pushed down on the thermoplastic material to melt it together and it is during the cooling stage that the seal is formed. Heat sealers can also fuse aluminium foil.

Hand sealers are operated by pushing the sealing bar down by hand. As the bar is lifted the heat switches off to allow the seal to cool and firm up. A foot sealer is a heat sealer on a stand and uses a foot pedal to push the heating bars down. Hood shrink machines apply heat and shrink the plastic bag around the contents in a heat chamber. Gas heat guns apply heat to shrink a tight thermoplastic layer around an object.

You can choose from a range of heat sealers, with or without a cutting apparatus, and either hand or foot operated. A cutting apparatus is a sliding blade that cuts off excess packaging and is useful for cutting poly tubing to form an individual bagged unit.

Heat sealers are used by different industries. They are an excellent application for the food industry, keeping packaged food airtight and fresh, prolonging the shelf life. The pharmaceutical and medical industry also use heat sealing equipment to keep dressings, medication and surgical implements sterile. Retail stores such as newsagents, lolly shops or small home-based businesses use heat sealers to protect goods from dust, moisture and handling.

Impulse Heat Sealers

Impulse heat sealers only apply heat when the heating jaws are pushed down onto the area to be sealed and the set time is reached. This type of heat sealing is usually used for fusing thermoplastic materials that don’t need high temperatures to form a seal. Impulse heat seals multi-layered thermoplastic and foil tubing to form a moisture barrier and airtight pouches. These are the safest heat sealers as the element is only hot when the heating jaws are closed. Burns are more likely to be avoided.

Impulse heat sealers are more economical to use as the power usage is intermittent and the sealing jaws are heated instantly, rather than requiring time to heat up.

Constant Heat Sealers

Constant heat sealers provide a high continuous heat in the sealing jaws. The temperature is more controlled in these types of heat sealers. Thermoplastic or poly-coated materials that are suited for constant heat need to be thicker and able to handle high temperatures without becoming weak or melting.

Constant Heat Roller Sealers

Seals Polyethylene or Cellophane by rolling the Teflon coated wheel along the material to be sealed. These portable sealers can make a round oval or square textured seal and are easy to use. Has an adjustable temperature range from 30-220 degrees. Is ideal for sealing plastic bags.

Band Sealers

Band Sealers come with a conveyor belt for a faster packing operation. These machines often have accessories such as an alphanumerical embossing wheel. Temperature controls let you set the heat levels and wider conveyor belts can be installed.

Hood Shrink Sealers

Hood Shrink Machines apply heat to shrink a plastic film around a product in one step. Hood shrink machines cover the item and then send it through a heat tunnel or oven to shrink the wrap.

This process is often done by automated equipment, but semi-automatic and manual shrink wrap machines are also available. The shrink and cooling times are programmable according to the items and shrink material being used.


A heat machine that shrinkwraps packages with the included heat gun and a film dispenser attached. This heat sealer is good for fresh produce and odd-shaped items such as hampers. For use on PVC, polypropylene or polyolefin shrink film. Great for small businesses and retailers such as chemists or newsagents who need to bundle items.

This heat sealer is also good for covering Christmas hampers, perishables and non-perishables.

Automatic heat Sealers

Automatic Impulse Heat Sealers are designed for the continuous sealing of thermoplastic films such as polyethylene and polypropylene. Once the correct control settings have been programmed, consistent seals are maintained automatically, making each seal consistent.

A Constant Automatic Heat Sealer is excellent for sealing poly cello films, humidity-proof cellophane film, polyethylene film, aluminium foil coated bags and gusset bags. Pacmasta offers mesh or straight-line texture of heater jaw. The straight-line texture is especially recommended for the health care industry.

Gas Shrink Gun

Gas Shrink Guns are used with shrink polythene pallet covers, pallet bags, polythene sheeting, shrink films. Its a fast, cost-effective and highly protective method of dispatching goods.

Seal Strength

Seal strength relies on the joining strength required for the object being packaged. Seal integrity relies on the level of minute breaks in the seal or tiny missed areas of the seal that microbes can travel through and contaminate goods. Seal integrity is paramount for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. For proper sealing of goods, it is very important to factor in the materials, heat seal times and the requirements of individual items.

The element in a heat sealer will eventually burn out. Luckily they are easy to replace with readily available spare parts and repair kits.

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