What type of safety sign do you need?

Supplier: Signet By: Phyllida Yeo
18 October, 2016

Warehouses and constructions sites are notoriously risky working environments. Cars, machinery, tools and equipment, and courier trucks can create hazards that can cause accidents and injuries.

This is why clear, visible Safety Signs are an essential item to lead staff and visitors in the right direction.

Safety Signs are used to: 

  • Highlight and communicate important information and instructions
  • Warn staff and visitors of hazards
  • Reinforce important safety messages
  • Provide clear directions for emergency situations
  • Indicate what individuals can or can’t do in a specific area 


This is where the comprehensive range of Signet's Own Safety Signs are an ideal solution. Whether it is a Danger Sign, Prohibition Sign, or Mandatory Sign you’re after, Signet has a solution to suit.

Benefits of the Signet’s Own Safety Sign range include:


What type of Safety Sign do you need?

My construction site requires lightweight, high quality Safety Signs

If your site requires Danger Signs such as "DO NOT ENTER", Warning Signs like "WATCH YOUR STEP" or "BEWARE OF VEHICLES", or Mandatory Signs for head, eye, or foot protection - Signet has a variety of signs to choose from.

Signet's Own Danger, Warning, and Mandatory Safety Signs are available in materials that are appropriate for short-term outdoor use. Outdoor polypropylene and corflute are both lightweight materials, which makes signs easier to apply and remove than ones that are constructed from a heavier material, such as metal.

As construction sites may have circular shaped items or objects that require signage, polypropylene is also the perfect material to bend around those slightly curved surfaces.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is a common requirement on construction sites. Multi Condition Signs are ideal for clearly showing when there are multiple items workers or visitors need to wear, all on one handy sign. 

I require durable signage to direct individuals inside & around my warehouse

As courier trucks, forklifts, and cars pose significant safety risks, using Traffic Signs, Site Wayfinding Signs, and Factory and Site Safety Signs is key for any warehouse. Being able to easily mount the signs onto the vertical, flat surfaces found in a warehouse is also important and is why a durable, rigid metal is an ideal material to use.

The Traffic Signs range are perfect for guiding traffic outside of your warehouse. If your warehouse is on the same lot as office buildings, and cars are required to follow designated speed limits or parking zones - they can be particularly useful. Visible, easy-to-read signage is crucial to keeping workers and visitors safe at your workplace.

Site Wayfinding Signage is located at the main entrance of a site and displays a bird's-eye view of the entire site. This helps workers and staff navigate the different buildings and access routes as they go from Point A to Point B. These signs are perfect for facilitating the flow in and flow out of the site.

Once in the site and the Site Wayfinding Signage has been viewed, Factory and Site Safety Signs can then show individuals where each specific area is located and eliminate potential confusion.

Depending on the type of warehouse or site, there could also be certain behaviours that are not allowed in a specific area. Areas such as dangerous goods or flammable liquids storage may have these types of restrictions. Prohibition signs are a simple way to visually show what behaviour is prohibited - due to their clear icons and simple text.

Keeping your construction site or warehouse safe, is easier when high quality Safety Signage is used. Whether you need to highlight required PPE, prohibited behaviours, or potential hazards, Signet will have a solution to suit. 

The combination of quality materials, competitive prices and a national distribution network; with warehouses located in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Townsville, ensures that every business can benefit from the extensive signage range.

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