Why Huck fasteners are the best in the business

Supplier: Ovesco
06 May, 2019

One of the challenges in heavy machinery is optimising machine output and reliable equipment.

Working in an industry such as trucking, railroad, mining, construction and manufacturing can be high demand, so it is critical your equipment is safe and can perform at its best in harsh conditions and outdoor environments.

That’s why so many businesses trust Huck fasteners for their feeders, trucks, truck trailers, buses, railcars, mining screens and other equipment. Backed by over a century of experience creating innovative fastener solutions, Huck fasteners are precision engineered to provide permanent, vibration-resistant joining solutions for industrial applications.

A clean and safe alternative to welding and a more efficient fastening method compared to standard nuts and bolts, the shear strength of Huck fasteners makes them reliable in situations where a joint is integral to the durability of your equipment’s structure.

What are the benefits of Huck fasteners?

Huck fasteners offer multiple benefits that other fastening methods cannot – they are the tough solution to most fastening problems.

  • Quick and easy installation using simple tools can reduce production time by up to 75%. It also means you don’t need to invest in specialists for installation.
  • The reliability of the fastener means that you don’t need to re-check or replace it, which reduces overall costs to your equipment.
  • Each Huck bolt and structural rivet has its own characteristics, so there are products available for each unique application and need.
  • Huck fasteners will not loosen, even under extreme vibration.
  • Welding can pose a potential risk to workers due to random sparks and the safety hazard of spent rods and remnants on the assembly floor. Huck fasteners offer a safer, cleaner alternative.
  • Once the Huck fasteners are installed, they can’t be removed without specialist tools.
  • Huck’s fasteners solve the problem of any fasteners or bolts loosening over time by creating a tight fit and local system that can withstand rugged conditions.
  • Minimal training is required for operators installing the fasteners, eliminating the dependency on an operator’s skillset. The need to torque or apply a specified rotation to a threaded fastener has been eliminated and, as such, lessens the degree of skill required to effect proper installation. Unskilled operators with minimal training can quickly achieve consistently high-quality structural connections from first installation.
  • Quality control measures are simple to implement, as operators can easily visually inspect the fastener for the correct locking collar swaging during installation.
  • You will experience less downtime caused by bolt loosening and equipment failure.
  • Equipment performance is directly affected by weight – saving weight in your equipment is essential. Huck fasteners can help lighten the load by offering a higher strength solution, meaning you can use less fasteners or a smaller diameter Huck. They also allow for the use of lighter weight aluminium instead of steel in the joining process.

How do Huck fasteners work?

High strength fastening systems are installed with either manual, pneumatic or hydraulic installation equipment, making it user-friendly for operators. Using the most advanced fastening technology to date with a unique lock-bolt design, the strength of the fasteners comes from the shear resistance of the collar material and the number of grooves it fills. 

What industries do Huck fasteners thrive in?

Huck fasteners thrive in structural applications where the working environment is subject to shock, vibration and dynamic loading. They are relied upon by businesses in many industrial markets including truck, trailer, stock crates, bus, rail, bridge work, automotive, HVAC, green energy (such as wind farms), agriculture, grain silo’s, mining, oil and gas.

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