Why safety and productivity come hand in hand

Supplier: Signet
14 February, 2014

Safety at work is everyone's responsibility regardless of your department or job title.

This safety can include identifying and controlling health and safety risks, decreasing the potential for accidents, complying with relevant legislation, training and education, as well as being conscious of your own actions.

While workplace safety provides its own obvious benefits, most people don't consider that it also increases workplace productivity. The more streamlined the safety measures, the better people will understand their role and responsibilities. This in turn reduces the instances of people requiring leave due to accidents and injuries, which decreases the workload strain on other employees and also minimises the compensation and insurance costs for the company.

The increased productivity also leads to greater job satisfaction which can directly impact staff retention. Denise Leeming, the OHS Manager for safety specialist Signet, said that when safety becomes a part of workplace culture it naturally increases worker productivity and reduces the amount of non-conformances.

"As a company you've got to make it important for every person on site", Leeming said.

"If you as a company are seen practicing what you preach, your staff, visitors and suppliers will follow suit."

So how do you achieve this safety and enhanced productivity as a company? One way is by becoming certified with the OHSAS 18001 health and safety standard. This accreditation is the world's most recognized health and safety management program.

Other ways include providing comprehensive training for all employees with regular refresher courses, providing access to safety manuals and procedures, following relevant legislation and standards, and keeping up to date on the latest first aid information.

And why should all of this be important to you as a customer? Aside from assuring that no humans were harmed in the making of the products you purchase, safety measures provide reassurance that companies are being held accountable and continuously improving internal processes. This results in better products and services for you and your business.

Workplace health and safety is made simpler with the right tools, so it is recommended to provide a wide range of protective wear, safety equipment, signs and first aid products adequately across your site.