YALE - Lithium-Ion Solutions - Increased Efficiency Lower Costs

Yale® Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries will allow you to streamline your energy requirements for battery-driven forklift trucks and warehouse equipment and lower your overall cost of ownership.

Such technology is increasingly becoming the solution of choice for materials handling equipment in extended or multi-shift applications.
The initial cost premium of Li-ion batteries can be recovered with payback times of two to three years in a multiple shift application.
Li-ion batteries have a number of key advantages compared to traditional batteries:

  • Due to fast charging times and opportunity charging the operating range of the Li-ion battery can be extended and a single battery can replace the second or third lead-acid battery. With over 3750 cycles (at 80% discharge) the Yale Li-ion battery has three times the life of a lead acid battery (1200 cycles).
  • Battery change-overs can be eliminated, saving travel- as well as handling-time. Opportunity charging can be carried out in close proximity to work areas or break rooms so that trucks can be charged when idle.
  • Li-ion batteries are sealed and do not require regular topping up of water or periodic equalisation charging so they are essentially maintenance-free.
  • Li-ion batteries and chargers are inherently energy efficient. Compared to lead-acid batteries, savings up to 30% in energy costs are possible.
  • Li-ion batteries are environmentally friendly; the gassing that occurs with lead-acid batteries does not occur with lithium-ion. They are emission-free as well as offering a lower CO2 footprint.


  • Particularly suited for intensive and high throughput warehouse and line feed operations.
  • A single Li-ion battery can replace multiple sets of batteries and release space used for charging.
  • Food and pharmaceutical industries will benefit from the reduced risk of chemical spillage.
  • Other industries, such as automotive, retail and logistics, will benefit from the use of a single battery for a multi-shift operation.

Excellent Charging Capabilities

  • Convenient opportunity charging with no adverse impact on battery life.
  • No battery exchange process required, resulting in more uptime.
  • Li-ion batteries charge faster than traditional batteries and rapid charger options are available.

Emission and Maintenance-Free

  • Fully sealed battery (IP54), resulting in no acid spills or contamination.
  • No sulfation issues can occur and no equalisation charge is required.
  • Free of gaseous emissions. No ventilation required during charging.
  • Lower CO2 footprint compared to traditional batteries.
  • Reduced maintenance costs as topping up of water is not required.

Integrated Solution with CAN bus Communication

  • Truck battery discharge indicator displays the state of charge of the Li-ion battery.
  • Lift lock out functionality prevents over discharge during operation.
  • Integration includes error reporting on truck and controlled truck shutdown, if a critical battery fault should occur.
  • Matched battery and charger communicate via CAN bus before and during the charge cycle to optimise battery performance and life.


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