90mm Sink Swaging with NP-2 Hydraulic Hole Punch

Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment has the solution for Installation of 90mm commercial and domestic strainer wastes.

Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment now has the solution for easy installation of 90mm strainer wastes for commercial and domestic sink bowls. The 90mm swage and punch and die set can be used in production and for existing on-site bowls which require an upgrade to a 90mm strainer waste. Many existing commercial catering kitchens are fitted with 50mm wastes.
To meet the new regulatory food laws the strainer waste basket system prevents users from discharging food wastes into the drainage systems. Available from Stainelec, model NP-2 hydraulic hole puncher unit is used to punch out the 90mm hole size and a special swaging die has been designed to install the recess for the 90mm strainer to fit correctly after the 50mm waste hole is punched out to 90mm diameter.
Fitting of the scrap waste sink strainers is now easy to install within a few minutes. Two series of the waste sink strainers are available from the 3 Monkeezs, original plastic body with stainless steel strainer and basket and the full stainless steel body in 304 or 316 grade stainless steel material.

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