Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment offers a wide variety of precision hydraulic rebar cutters that produce zero sparks or hot debris when in use and do not require a hot works permit to use when on-site.

The use of abrasive cutting tools on the modern worksite when cutting steel rebar is now considered an outdated & unsafe method of cutting for both the operator and the general workplace as a whole and for a good reason. Now thanks to more modern power tool technologies we are able to develop precision made electric & battery operated hydraulic rebar cutters for use in on-site, factory or workshop applications when cutting high tensile rebar.  

These electric hydraulic rebar cutters help reduce overhead costs as well as greatly reducing any high risk injuries when cutting rebar. Our wide range of rebar cutters do not produce any sparks are heated debris when cutting and do not require a hot works permit when in use. A major design goal for these tools are their company and portable design features so that the user can easily transport it from one place to another with ease.

Stainelecs range of rebar cutter are designed to be durable and hard-wearing to maximise productivity and efficiency when in use, these tools are built to stand up to the ever demanding day-to-day conditions of the modern construction site. Our range of hydraulic rebar cutters not only boast a portable & compact design but also include user friendly operating features and are extensively use in construction, precast, metal fabrication, manufacturing and maintenance industries. 

Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment are the Australian Agents for Ogura, Edilgrappa & ARM Sangyo rebar cutting equipment. We are also an agent for PEDAX & Feal Seam rebar cutting equipment. Stainelec has been the proud Australian & Worldwide supplier of precision made hydraulic equipment for 35 years and is constantly innovating and improving hydraulic technologies.

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