What is a cut and weigh assessment?

Put simply, it is the easiest and most effective way to measure – and therefore improve – your business’s pallet wrapping plastic consumption and output.

Businesses need to be able to demonstrate to their customers, and everyone else in their supply chain, their efforts to reduce plastic consumption and usage.

We can demonstrate in real terms, exactly how much and the type of stretch wrap you need for your unique circumstances, and which pallet wrapping machine will give you the best efficiency.

How do you calculate plastic usage?

First, one of our pallet wrapping specialists will visit you on site. Using your current pallet wrapping method and stretch wrap, we’ll wrap a typical pallet with your goods.

2. CUT AND WEIGH – Your current method
We will then cut the stretch wrap from the pallet and weigh the amount of plastic used. 

Next, we will wrap a pallet using your exact specifications above, but using one of our pallet wrapping machines and our stretch wrap.

4. CUT AND WEIGH – Omni machine
Again, we will cut the stretch wrap from the pallet and weigh it as before.

Finally, using a simple formula, we compare the weight of the stretch wraps used for each Cut and weigh.

The savings are immediately clear – we can guarantee significant reductions.

The amount of stretch wrap used per pallet – reduced.
The number of skip bins of plastic waste – reduced.
The cost per pallet wrapped – reduced.

Why is plastic reduction important? 

Not only is it good for the environment – by reducing the amount of plastic used per pallet wrapped, you’re also removing that plastic from the supply chain altogether. Plus, less plastic used will cost you less – so there’s an economic case for reducing as well.

When can I get a cut and weigh test? 

Booking a cut and weigh assessment is fast and easy. One of our packaging specialists is available to visit you on site, with the results available within days.

What’s next? We can supply award-winning pallet wrapping machinery and stretch wrap to your business as soon as you are ready to go ahead.

Ready to see how much plastic you can remove from your supply chain?

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