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A true horror story: Tiger Tails are not just a pretty face

Supplier: Balmoral Engineering
03 February, 2009

A notice on the WorkCover web site advises that Torapoli Pipe (or black and yellow-striped "Tiger Tails" to which it is commonly referred) is useful only as a warning sign and does not protect workers from electric shock.

The following amazing incident will certainly put paid to this grossly inaccurate statement.

We received a phone call from one of the southern States electricity authorities informing us that a worker on a building site was working amongst scaffolding.

He climbed over the scaffolding and actually stood on the high voltage line which was covered with lengths of striped "Tiger Tails".

At the time he was holding onto the metal scaffolding as he "wire-walked" on the line. The HV cable snapped at the petticoat from the pressure of his body weight, but he lived to tell the tale.

The ensuing phone call to us from the Authority was to enquire as to the insulation properties of our striped "Tiger Tails" as they had never witnessed an incident such as this.