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Balmoral Engineering | Electrical Insulation Barriers

Balmoral Engineering

Balmoral Engineering manufactures and supplies a range of low voltage insulation barriers and equipment.

We specialise in the manufacture and supply of the industry standard Tiger Tails or Torapoli Pipe as well as a range of Lineman covers, blankets and mats for low voltage live line applications.

We have been operating for over 30 years and are committed to providing a quality product through our 3rd generation family run business.

Our range of insulating barriers such as the Tiger Tails and other low voltage pipe as well as our Linesman mats, blankets and kits are used as PPE as well as a visual warning to public and industry alike.

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Balmoral Engineering specialise in the manufacture and supply of low voltage pipe (Tiger Tails) and covers, blankets and mats. Because of this narrow focus, we pour all our energies into one area resulting in a quality over quantity approach. This has been an effective strategy for a small family run Australian company that is 3rd generational and been in operation for over 30 years. We have close relationship with our clients who include all the major Energy Authorities and Utilities as well as contractors and industry alike. Our business model revolves around satisfying our customers needs and requirements and constantly developing and improving both our own and other products within this niche on the market.

Our main line of products includes low voltage insulating pipe which has become the industry standard. Tiger Tails or Torapoli Pipe as they are best known have cemented this position in the industry because of their quality speicifcation and unique striped appearance. A testament to both these statements is in the 30 years of supply of Tiger Tails, not one length has been returned. This is because of the exacting standards that are required by the manufacturer. The Striped appearance is unique to our product and greatly increases the visual warning than other monotone versions. Crane drivers in NSW have actively promoted their requirements for this striped affect when insulating the overhead conductors at construction sites.
Our other line of products include linesman covers, blankets, mats and kits for low voltage live line work and visual warning. This range of PPE is unique in the market because of its dual layer two tone specification which allows for easy scratch or puncture detection. We also provide our covers and kits in a range of fastening options including magnetic, velcro and stud to suit all requirements. These live line insulating covers and barriers are commonly used by the linesman for insulation purposes on overhead conductors and mains.

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