Materials Handling for Abattoirs And Meat Processing Facilities

Movement of product through abattoirs has very specific requirements relating to hygiene, throughput and low temperatures. We design and manufacture conveyor systems to meet these requirements.

Abattoir Conveyor Specialists



We have a proven track record in supplying custom-made, state-of-the-art, production room solutions for abattoirs Australia wide.

Carton transfer from boning rooms to chillers and blast freezers, or from chillers or freezers to trucks or refrigerated containers for shipping or export, we have the expertise in design, fabrication, and sourcing to create a conveying solution that meets the processing requirements unique to abattoirs.


Our abattoir and slaughterhouse conveying solutions include:

  • Beef slaughter floor systems
  • Mutton slaughter floor systems
  • Pig slaughter floor systems
  • Small stock processing systems
  • Beef side boning chain conveyors
  • Beef quarter boning chain conveyors
  • Belt conveyors
  • Overhead and screw conveyors

Other Abattoir Equipment that we Manufacture



With Precision Stainless Systems, you can be sure that you will receive not only the best available product quality and design service, but a customised system that works in with your existing infrastructure.

Our vast experience in the design and manufacture of a diverse range of stainless steel fabricated Abattoir equipment includes items, systems and machinery such as the following custom designed equipment:

  • boning rail systems
  • chiller rail systems
  • Rise and fall platforms
  • Static platforms
  • Beef hoists and landing gear
  • Beef hide pullers
  • Miscellaneous slaughter floor and boning room platforms & walkways
  • Meat, offal and by-products equipment
  • Knife Sterilisers
  • Hand Basins
  • Handwash Troughs
  • Chicken Processing Conveyor
  • Meat Processing Conveyor
  • Screw Conveyor
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