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Acoustic Water Leak Detector | Aquascope 550

Supplier: Gutermann

The AquaScope 550 is the world's first and only acoustic water leak detector to have "frequency shifting" to assist in the pinpointing of low frequency leaks found in PVC and large diameter pipes.

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Furthermore, the Aquascope 550 Acoustic Water Leak Detector possesses impressive amplification capabilities. The professional leak hunter will therefore find even difficult leaks that are undetectable with other equipment. With a host of other advanced features, this must be the acoustic microphone of choice for the demanding leak operator.

Product features

Frequency Shifting: This unique feature can be used to convert often prevailing low frequency leak noises that are not audible to humans (plastic pipes, low pressure etc.) to audible higher frequency levels enabling the operator to hear and recognise leak noise that would not be possible otherwise.

The AquaScope 550 has the most powerful amplification of all acoustic leak detectors with over 100 dB amplification enabling the operator to hear much quieter leaks.

The large display clearly shows the filter settings, previous readings, battery level and current frequency spectrum of noise detected. This display is backlit for night work, suitable for use in bright sunlight and perfect for operators with deteriorating vision.

With Minimum Noise Profiling and graphical representation it is very easy for the operator to tell if he is going closer or further from the leak.

Simple operation with only two push and twist buttons.

Frequency spectrum graph enabling the operator to see the frequency and the consistency of the noise he is listening to on a graph.  This is excellent for in-experienced operators that haven’t learned to trust their hearing yet and they find the additional information provides them with more confidence.

A choice of three pre-set filters or a manual filter that enables the operator to choose the correct low and high filter setting in increments of 40Hz.  The three pre-set filters are for leakage surveys, pinpointing on metallic pipes with some traffic noise and pinpointing on non-metallic pipes. Some difficult leaks require a narrow bandwidth setting between low and high to enable the operator to filter out multiple background noises and tune into the sound of the leak, this is why it is important to have user programmable filter settings.

Minimum noise profiling latches to the lowest noise detected for each sounding to help find the leak. When looking for a leak, the operator is looking for the loudest value of all the “quietest noises”. So with minimum noise profiling an inexperienced operator can perform a leakage survey.  With the provision of a guide on the expected noise levels for leaks they can pinpoint leak positions far more accurately than relying on the human ear alone.

Ground mic: With a sensitivity of 15 v/g the AS550 Ground Mic will find quieter leaks than other products.  This makes it better at finding bigger leaks and leaks in deeply buried pipes.

Listening stick: The trigger button enables the operator to quickly activate and de-activate the amplifier with a single hand which is ideal for performing leakage surveys where you may need to carry tools in the other hand.

System configuration

  • 1 x Amplifier with Neck Strap
  • 1 x Acoustic Microphone for use with rods, tripod or magnet
  • 1 x Ground Microphone
  • 1 x Cable (amplifier to microphone)
  • 2 x Extension Rods and 1 Pointed Rod
  • 1 x Magnet
  • 1 x Tripod Foot
  • 1 x Headphones
  • Carry case (optional)
  • Aviation quality headphones (optional)


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