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Advanced Utility Solutions | Cable and Pipe Location and CCTV Inspection Camera

Advanced Utility Solutions

Advanced Utility Solutions trading as Vivax Metrotech AUS has between them well over 50 years experience in the utility location business. Vivax Metrotech AUS is a relatively new company and has been formed to team up with one of the world leaders in utility location.

Vivax Metrotech is a German company who have been supplying the utility locating market since 1951. The teaming of the companies will offer a very competitive range of products to the utility locating market here in Australia.

In the range we have a full range of pipe and cable locating instruments and CCTV inspection cameras. This is a comprehensive and dynamic range which is second to none for quality and value for money.

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We only use suppliers who are the leading companies for the development and manufacture of measurement equipment for diagnosis and for fault location. Our market sectors include pipe networks, communications and diesel control.
The products that we represent make an important contribution to the reliable and thus economic operation of our customer’s installations. Working with our suppliers and customers we expect to improve reliability through constant further development.

Enthusiastic, competent and reassuringly reliable. No path is easy all of the time. That is true for ours too and that is why we concentrate the power of our team on the essentials. For us, that means four areas; diagnosis of the state of a network, cable fault location, leak location and line location.

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