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Advantage Feeders

Why you should deal with Advantage Feeders?

The Advantage Feeders business structure allows us to deliver the most cost effective products to our clients. We are different to other feeding manufacturers because we have minimised our
overheads and as a result can afford to pass on those savings to our customers, selling the best value product range on the market!

Advantage Feeders is committed to increasing your short-medium term profit through labour and waste savings.

Advantage Feeders is committed to increasing your long term profit by trialing new farming techniques and making systems that are easy for any farmer to integrate.

Advantage Feeders are concerned about farming; in particular, the move to increase valued production without having to increase resources. We have conducted several field trials with documented results in areas such as;
- Pasture assist finishing
- Calf creep feeding
- Increase stocking rate
- Lamb creep feeding
- Increase lamb survival
- Lamb finishing
- Reduce supplement

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The cornerstone of Advantage Feeders is ruminant livestock feeding equipment and systems. Our products have been specifically designed to maximise feed and pasture utilisation.

We focus our efforts heavily on ensuring optimal results for our customers and the wider farming community.

Our strong results-based and customer-based approach means we are regularly conducting field trials to measure results and further develop our systems to ensure our customers continue to profit from our research.

Our driving passion to assist farmers grow their business to become as robust and profitable as possible. We stand by our products quality, offering the market a 5-year warranty on all products, and test all our feeders on ruminants such as cattle, sheep, goats and deer.

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