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AEM Cores Pty Ltd has been supplying magnetic cores to the Australian and Asian market place for 50 years

In 1997 we released our Unicore Machine and launched "Unicore Technology" onto the world wide market.

Ten years later Unicore Technology has been accepted in over thirty countries around the globe as a cheaper and more efficient core.

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It's true! UNICORE opens doors to international business opportunities.

There is a rising awareness of our environment and the costs of running power grids. Nations are starting to look at replacing lossy unreliable transformers with superior products. Other nations are expanding their grids and choosing to use quality components from the outset.

Countries are aware of the poor quality transformer core manufacturing techniques taking place, and are rejecting approaches by manufacturers of inferior quality cores. Sadly sometimes these rejections are based solely on country of origin.

No longer is the initial purchase cost of a transformer the most important decision maker, it is being replaced by ownership formula's that include losses, lifetime and a number of other factors as part of the overall purchasing decision.

Here at AEM Cores through our network of UNICORE manufacturers, we are hearing stories of core manufacturers being rejected based on the suspicion of inferior core manufacturing techniques. However our UNICORE owners are received very positively. UNICORE's reputation for quality is opening international doors for our UNICORE owners.

Customers know that the core quality is guaranteed by the UNICORE manufacturing process!

UNICORE is very popular in the Wind Power Industry.

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