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All-in-one Blending System | FastBack®

Supplier: Ishida Commercial Products (ICP) Aust.

For a simple or complex mix of fruit, vegetables, frozen foods, cereal, nuts or many other products, the FastBackĀ® All-In-One blending system accurately weighs and blends multiple ingredients while they are on their way to packaging.

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This system developed by Heat and Control is simple, precise and versatile and is yet another way to improve line efficiency.

Key design principles of the Fastback are highlighted in this mixing and blending system.  Due to the gentle slow-forward fast-back conveying motion, blend consistency is maintained as it moves toward packaging ensuring no separation or layering of ingredients, as well as following the first-in-first-out rule of thumb.

Ideal for even the most delicate products, a Fastback conveyor dramatically reduces product breakage and coating loss; and is the most sanitary choice as coatings do not build up in the conveyor pans. 

Instead of bouncing product, horizontal motion conveyors slide it along the pan.  This has become the preferred means of transferring and distributing fresh produce and frozen prepared foods, virtually eliminating product breakage and stress fractures.

The Fastback Blending System consists of the Fastback® 90E, Fastback® 206E, tumble drum, dynamic seasoning hopper and optional seasoning application system.

The FastBack® 90E conveyor combines a small and powerful drive unit with a wide variety of pan sizes to improve transfer and distribution for a diverse range of applications.  At 70dB noise pollution during operation with most products, the FastBack 90E conveyor also ensures a quieter working environment.

The 260E is ideal for frozen vegetables and even cut lettuce and fresh vegetables.   While its higher throughput increases productivity and overall packaging line efficiency, the FastBack 260E still provides quieter, less damaging and far cleaner conveying than vibratory conveyors.

From the blending or mixing process, product is then conveyed down to the packaging line to be weighed and bagged.

The Ishida fresh cut produce / salad weighers deliver excellent speed and accuracy that substantially increases throughput and reduces giveaway for the weighing of sugar snaps, and other fruit and vegetables.

Feeders gently move leaf spinach, spring mixes and other hard-to-handle products across the top of the weigher, whilst feeder vibration automatically adjusts for optimal product flow under all conditions. High-embossed product surfaces further contribute to preventing product sticking and build-up.

Cleaning and changeovers are simplified with hoppers, feeders and chutes that are easily removed by hand without using tools and with advanced digital signal filtering, and weight calculation methods prevent missed-cycles and increase weighing accuracy.

The flexibility of the machine and its ability to handle many different types of products provides an added valuable benefit, and is further enhanced by the weigher’s ease of use.  Its graphical interface makes day-to-day operation very simple. 

Each product and pack size has a separate entry in the Ishida memory, meaning changeovers can be carried out literally at the touch of the pre-set buttons.  A full wash down can also be quickly and easily carried out at the end of each day. Product is placed on a screening conveyor for checking and then carried to the top of the weigher via an inclined conveyor.  After weighing and bagging, the packed product passes out directly under the in-feed conveyors for subsequent checkweighing and packing into cases.