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All Metal Products

When it comes to the manufacture of a range of different metal components such as wire, tube and sheetmetal (or a combination of these), we believe All Metal Products is second to none.

Our entire operation is geared to provide quality and service.

Over 46 years we have established a large, satisfied client base. Working with our clients, we follow every item through from early design to finished product.

Our production methods, based on the latest technology, provide unique flexibility in the manufacture of a vast range of products, from a simple wire peg-board to complete computer systems cabinets.

Our production capacity is specifically geared to the Australian market which enables us to and manufacture quantity runs from 10 units upwards.

We aim to have the best outcomes for our clients through contact on a personal basis.

Meeting our clients, showing them our factory and its production capacity, taking part in initial planning discussions is the mainstay of All Metal Products’ success.

At our 8000 sq metre factory, All Metal Products offers total in-house engineering facilities run by fully qualified staff who can help transform your idea or prototype into a working product.

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All Metal Products has an entrenched philosophy to maintain the highest level of product Quality and service.

This process starts with the initial sales consultation through to production of a prototype and finally the finished product.

Specifications and drawings follow each operation as the products move through the manufacturing plant.

All CNC settings and manual press standing instructions are checked and verified by Team Supervisors at commencement of each job.

We have also recently introduced a 3D modelling facility which is designed to facilitate shorter lead times and quicker turn around of prototypes.

This function will also improve the accuracy and confidence level of drawings and specifications.

As mentioned already, we endevour to manufacture the right product for the right price at the right time to suit our valued clients.

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