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Established in 2004, the company has its own state-of-the-art premises. Based at 332 Diment Road, Burton, South Australia 5110. Australian Production Line Maintenance Services (APMS) Is a 100% South Australian, Family Owned Business. The Companies (Mantra) is, "We Are a Can Do Company" with the desire to supply our Customers with quality products, giving quality Service, all at an affordable price and the drive to make all customers 100% happy.

Our company is small, but active, with a skill base and industry experience within our team that exceeds one hundred years. We have a network of quality sub-contractors that assist us in undertaking small to medium projects, within the companies control and level of expertise.

We have built solid relationships with suppliers over the 10 years that the company has traded.

Our Principal Suppliers are:

• Sumitomo Hansen Drives Australia
• Hitachi Chains Japan
• GB Power Transmission Australia
• TECO Electric Motors Australia
• Transfluid Couplings Italy
• Polychem Corporation USA

Our company is a "Power Transmission Company" offering quality finished products such as industrial gearboxes and gear motors, roller chains, sprockets, brakes, clutches, couplings, electric motors, belts, pulleys etc.

The key thing that sets our company "Apart from the Rest" is that whatever we sell, we will also service. We will remove the old equipment and install the new, In the instance that the existing plant is economically repairable, we can do on site repairs or remove the damaged or worn component and transport it back to our workshop for rework/refurbishment before returning it to site for reinstallation.

We also build complete drive systems which may include, electric motors, brakes, reduction gearboxes, gearboxes and motor bases, couplings, coupling guards and all mounting requirements. So the whole unit can be shipped to site for installation as a package.

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By assembling the range of products that we stock and distribute we have created the opportunity and access to a large and varied market, from mining, quarrying, recycling, construction, manufacturing, processing, food and bread making, primary production, materials handling and storage.

Our success with major Companies such as:
General Motors Holden, BHP Billiton, Adelaide Brighton Cement, SA Water, Viterra Grain, Onesteel/Arrium, Amcor/ Orora, Penrice Soda Products, Resourceco, Sita, Carter Holt Harvey, Bridgestone Australia Timberlink Australia & Goodman Fielder Limited is all attributable to our can do attitude, customer visit cycles and professional manner.

Our personnel are actively involved in the Companies day to day operations, with a voice and recognition in decision making, direction and investment.

We welcome new customers and look forward to the challenges that the current and future market place offers.

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