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Aust. Dynamic Technologies Co

Aust. Dynamic Technologies Co | Gas Analysis Instrumentation

Aust. Dynamic Technologies Co

Aust Dynamic Technologies (ADT) is a specialist company distributing FUJI electric gas analysis instrumentation and other overseas manufacturers of gas analysis equipment.

We design and build gas monitoring systems specifically for designated tasks and supply a wide range of gas analysers for many industries and process applications.

We supply portable gas detectors, for confined space gas monitoring, air pollution monitoring equipment, process gas analysers, for detection of hazardous gases in applications such as coal mines, power stations, agricultural research, biogas treatment and carbon monoxide gas detectors for car park ventilation systems.

Our focus is in unique products that are the cutting edge of technology, providing solutions to complex gas sampling requirements. Using our gas sampling equipment we design analysis systems around the customers’ requirements.

ADT also has an advanced calibration laboratory, for calibration of all gas detection equipment.

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Australian Dynamic Technologies Co (ADT) is a family company with forty-five collective years’ experience in scientific analytical techniques as applied to gaseous analysis.

With the advent of greenhouse gas emissions control, ADT has embraced a number of different technologies with specific abilities for continuous measurements of all known gas species. All types of emissions from stacks, processes, buildings and any man made device can be monitored with data processing.

We have designed and built many analytical systems and continue to provide ongoing service and maintenance on systems supplied over twenty years ago.

Our commitment to service and training is demonstrated with our many customers repeat business.

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