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Austdac Pty Ltd was formed in 1983, carrying out manufacturing, design, system engineering and sales in the mining industry and local industrial sector. Today it is one of Australia's largest suppliers of communications, gas monitoring, I.S. lighting and conveyor control equipment to Australian coal mines and general industry.

Additionally Austdac now forms part of the Hubbell Industrial Technology segment and will continue to trade as Austdac Pty Ltd. The Industrial Technology segment also contains the GAI-Tronics group which specialises in equipment for electrical and electronic harsh and hazardous areas including industrial phones, oil and gas, coal and other mining areas.

With offices in NSW, QLD, Pittsburgh and the USA, Austdac is committed to ensuring we consistently provide our customers with products and services that meet or exceed their expectations. We believe that the key to success in this regard is our quality system - which is based on the International Standard - ISO 9001:2000. The system ensures that effective controls are consistently and adequately applied to our work processes and provides a record of our quality-related activities.

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We aim to maintain a competitive edge by ensuring our customers are fully satisfied with each product or service we have contracted to supply to them.

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