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Australian Security Technology

If you're looking to protect your physical assets, you can't go past Australian Security Technology Pty Ltd (ASTPL). We provide our customers the choice of a number of physical asset protection methods and systems. We don't provide a "one size fits all" solution, but provide you with a tailor-made package, with your specific needs in mind.

Starting from the control and management of keys, as the Australasian distributor for Morse Watchman products, we have not only been working with our principals to supply solutions that fulfill, if not, exceed our customer's expectations, but have also been involved in the development and improvement of these products.

New innovations allow the use of biometric and other high end access solutions to be incorporated with KeyWatcher products. These innovations were developed in Australia.

The latest of which, KeyWatcher Touch with a 7” touchscreen, provides the user an easier-to-use interface, plus many great features. With KeyAnywhere feature, the user can locate which KeyWatcher a specific key is in, or determine who has it out, with the new KeyFind feature.

KeyWatcher Key Management systems can now be seamlessly included into existing high end systems, without the need of a separate KeyWatcher system on top of your current network. Existing security and building management systems, including biometric, card access, and so on, with KeyWatcher systems installed, will operate and show any events involving the latter system as simply one other event to watch out for, using KeyPro Plus.

As well, ASTPL has been instrumental in the development of other tracking systems for physical assets, especially the Australian-made AssetTracker, which uses barcode technology to keep track of asset movement and storage.

Our offering is so wide that a solution to your particular requirements will be worked out in discussion with you. And, your particular solution will be made to work for your special requirements.

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As an added benefit to our valued clients, Australian Security Technology offers you our industry-leading warranties, world leading technical support and customer service. We will also help your staff implement our systems and offer on-site training to maximise its potential.

It's all done with the express intent of addressing your specific security needs with the most cost-effective, end-to-end solutions. Contact Australian Security Technology Pty Ltd (ASTPL) today and find the solution to your asset security management needs.

We tailor our solutions to your requirements, using best world practice and Australian know-how. You won't be disappointed.

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