Automatic lubricator simalube: Flexibility like no other

Simalube single point lubricator - 5 sizes for maximum flexibility and right amount of grase or oil for your greasing points (bearings/chains/spindles/guides/pumps/motors/fans/conveyors)

Bearings in all shapes and sizes, chains, guide rails, toothed racks and pinions. These are all things that need to be lubricated at regular intervals with different lubricants and lubricant quantities. Automatic lubricators appear to be the perfect solution here. But which system is best for me?

The variety of sizes makes the difference

If a company decides to use automatic instead of manual lubrication in the future, the question often arises as to which system is the most suitable. There are a number of systems to choose from on the international market, which can make it difficult for a maintenance professional to decide on the right lubrication system, especially if the advantages and disadvantages of the various lubrication systems are not known or only vaguely known. Of course, as a manufacturer, we say that our simalube single-point lubricant dispenser is the best solution on the market. But what makes us so certain of this? What distinguishes simalube from other automatic single-point lubrication solutions?

In addition to the quality features and the absolute reliability that characterise simalube lubricant cartridges, there is another important feature that advocates the use of simalube lubricators, and that is their great flexibility, among other things due to the variety of sizes available.

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No other provider can compete with simatec here. With 5 different sizes and the ability to deliver even larger quantities of lubricant to a lubrication point with a 2- or 4-way adapter, simalube can cover a lubrication quantity per lubrication point from 15 ml to 1,000 ml per year. In this way, the most diverse lubrication points can be supplied with the correct quantities of grease or oil without the need to operate different systems. Anyone who has ever had to replace an expensive bearing just because the wrong amount of lubricant was applied will no longer be willing to compromise here. With the wide range of simalube dispenser sizes combined with our Calculation Pro, it is precisely such premature bearing failures caused by under- or over-lubrication that can be avoided.


Calculation Pro: 

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Irrespective of whether our 15 ml dispenser, the smallest automatic lubricant dispenser on the market, or the 250 ml dispenser are used, the functionality and handling remains the same.

Create and manage lubrication schedules easily

Thanks to the infinitely variable 1 to 12 month setting and the large selection, it is possible to schedule and equip different lubrication points with different lubricant quantities in such a way that all lubrication points can be changed at the same time. In this way, dispenser changes can be designed in the simplest way to meet the needs and choices of the maintenance staff.

However, there are also companies that are dependent on such maintenance work not having to be done in one day due to time constraints. The different sizes and setting options also ensure optimal planning and make it possible to change lubricators in stages. You are probably now wondering how you are supposed to know which dispensers are already empty and which are not, if they all have a different runtime? We also have a clean and simple solution for this with our Lubechart, which can be accessed free of charge via our website. Our Lubechart helps you keep an overview of the different lubrication points, their dispenser setting, installation date and, last but not least, the lubricant used, too. Thanks to the Lubechart’s reminder function, managing dispensers is child's play. Because the Lubechart informs you when lubricators need to be replenished. In addition, you are automatically informed by email when a dispenser needs to be replaced.


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Flexibility without ifs and buts!

The ability to change the dispenser setting again after activation also makes working with simalube lubricators much easier and more flexible. If the set quantity is not correct, the setting can be changed again at any time without having to replace the lubricator.

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The filling of the lubricant dispensers is another benefit of simalube. All dispenser sizes are available either empty (for self-filling with your own lubricant), filled with one of our standard lubricants or filled with your special lubricant. Not to mention the option of combining the dispenser sizes from 60 to 250 ml with our booster  IMPULSE impulse connect if you are struggling with counter pressures up to 10 bar at a lubrication point or you want to monitor your greasing point easily by phone and bluetooth.

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