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Barcoding & Data Collection Systems

Barcoding & Data Collection Systems | Barcoding & Inventory Management Systems

Barcoding & Data Collection Systems

Glen Nairn established Barcoding & Data Collection Systems Pty Ltd (B&DCS), a 100% Australian owned and operated company, in 1985.

Since then, we've spent 24 years developing scaleable inventory management systems that allow our customers to constantly improve stock management and efficiency.

Our warehouse and inventory management and barcoding systems are designed to be user friendly, cost effective and easy to implement.

B&DCS Inventory Management and Control Systems delivers:

• Web based, round the clock access
• Low cost implementation operating in house or SaaS
• Quick to learn, easy to operate
• Industry leading technology and innovation
• Reliability with proven high accuracy and uptime
• Practical, user friendly handheld screen displays
• On MS Windows and Linux platforms

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From handling fresh produce, to IT and asset refurbishment, to tool loans and consumables issues at power stations and oil refineries and museum objects tracking - our warehouse and inventory management systems are working with Australian businesses to help ensure smooth operations.

We're constantly evolving and searching for new technology that supports and improves our clients' businesses so they can keep ahead of their competitors - because their success is our success.

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