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Bio Products

BIO Products Australia has been importer and manufacturer of natural paint products since 1985. Our aim is to provide a healthy alternative to conventional products to prevent ecological illness such as the sick building syndrome.

The company's aim is to supply products using natural organic and/or non-toxic materials which compliments the original formulas and minimise the risk of adverse effects to the environment or to the health of workers and users. They have been developed since the early seventies in response to increasing concerns about the environmental impact of man made chemicals. The results are the most environmental friendly paint products on the market.

As a highly environmental conscious company, we use ingredients which:

Are acquired without over-exploitation of nature and are of reliable and reproducible standard.
Originate from renewable resources (with the exception of small amounts of the earth minerals and metals being mined).
Can be returned to the natural cycle without threat to the environment.
Do not contribute to the depreciation of nature.
A synthetic material is used only if a natural ingredient is not yet available to produce a high quality product.

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Natural Paint Products have been first developed in 1975 in Germany. The goal was to have non toxic and low allergenic paint products as in comparison to conventional products.

In those days conventional paint product development was driven by profits and performance alone. The health aspect got nearly lost.

Dramatic court cases in favour of consumers plus environmental concerns and legislation created a new environment for paint products.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to make people aware of the environmental consequences of using paint and to give them a choice when they paint their houses, so that they can reduce the risk of adverse effects on everyone living in the environment, especially children.

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