BioSteam Vapour cleaning equipment – hot stuff

Supervap 4WD from Bio Stream
Supervap 4WD from Bio Stream

Biosteam are delighted to announce the latest addition to their already extensive range of commercial and industrial vapour steam cleaning equipment.

The range of equipment supplied by BioSteam offers water savings, waste reduction as well as a significant reduction in chemical costs.

180°C vapour steam is a proven sanitising as well as degreasing and cleaning agent. At these temperatures BioSteam equipment changes 1 litre of water input to 1500 litres of dry vapour steam output at only 4 per cent moisture. You will appreciate why this technology is of interest in numerous industries.

The SuperVap 4 WD brings a level of accuracy and versatility that is exceptional.

Improving on the already well known Supervap, the 4WD now offers 4 levels of water injection as well as 4 levels of detergent  injection as well as the usual vacuum extraction.

"These new functions are in response to the market, we have clients that sanitise food belt systems using zero chemicals, but we also have the same customer wanting to wash down equipment where the detergent comes into its own," Neil Hodkinson, Biosteam founder and MD, said.

The SuperVap 4 WD offers huge water savings on traditional cleaning methods. Although it is a 3 phase Industrial unit, it only uses a maximum of 20 litres of water per hour. The waste stream is even less since steam will dissipate in the environment after it has been used so only the condensate needs vacuum extraction.

Currently there are various grants and subsides that are available for numerous industries to implement water and energy efficient equipment. Whilst each state has some funding available the current leader for significant grants is the Federal Government Clean Technology Programme via

With waste costs rapidly accelerating and chemical costs rising any innovation that can offer efficiency, productivity and profitability improvements are always welcome.

Biosteam are currently booking free demonstrations Australia and New Zealand wide so if you want to see what all the fuss is about give them a call.