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Polyurethane Lining | TUFF STUFF

Supplier: Rhino Linings

TUFF STUFF is Rhino Linings premium liner product.

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Rhino Linings’ TUFF STUFF polyurethane is used to protect utes, trucks, 4WDs, prime movers, trailers, boats, flooring, buildings, military vehicles, horse floats, industrial equipment and much more.

TUFF STUFF is applied to a minimum thickness of 4mm – its thickness can also be increased to meet specific needs.

Unlike drop – in plastic liners, TUFF STUFF forms a permanent air and water- tight bond that prohibits rust, corrosion and surface abrasion.

The non-porous lining is easy to clean and the non-abrasive surface texture helps keep cargo in place while providing insulation against annoying road vibration and noise.

TUFF STUFF forms a seamless membrane that does not have to be cut around fixtures such as roll bars and tie-down points.

It will not crack, warp or peel even under extreme temperatures.

Rhino Lining's range of TUFF STUFF industrial linings include:

  • Duraspray - Spray On Protection
  • Duraspray - Spray On Protection
  • RhinoChem 2170 Protective Coatings
  • Rhino PP2190 Sprayed on Polyurea lining
  • Rhino MP2195 Sprayed on Polyurea lining

Duraspray - Spray On Protection

Rhino Linings Duraspray provides maximum hardness, maximum impact protection and maximum scratch resistance at a lower price than TUFF STUFF. For the hardworking tradesman that requires total corrosion protection, impact resistance and scratch resistance Duraspray is your liner.

Duraspray is a more cost effective liner for someone who is less concerned about cargo slippage, sound deadening and vibration and more concerned about scratch resistance and gouging that hard working utes are subjected to day in and day out.

Ideal for trucks and heavy vehicle applications Duraspray can handle the heaviest of loads whilst providing maximum bed protection.

Nothing compares to Rhino Linings Duraspray when it comes to hard wearing, flexible and seamless industrial flooring. Spray applied to any thickness in one application Duraspray reduces long shut down times associated with traditional floor coatings saving the business owner money.

RhinoChem 2170 Protective Coatings

Rhino Linings RhinoChem 2170 sprayed on liner is designed for aggressive chemical environments and total submersion applications.

RhinoChem 2170 displays excellent chemical resistance even at elevated temperatures. It is spray applied to any thickness in just one application and is instant curing saving industry expensive “down time”.

If your project requires a seamless, impermeable chemical resistant lining that can be applied rapidly and cures instantly then talk to our technical department about Rhino Linings RhinoChem 2170.

Rhino PP2190 Sprayed on Polyurea lining

Rhino Linings Rhino PP2190 is a 100% Pure Polyurea that exhibits outstanding elongation, strength, abrasion and chemical resistance.

Rhino PP2190 is spray applied using high pressure heated plural component spray equipment and sets in under 5 seconds. Being a Pure Polyurea, Rhino PP2190 is not moisture or temperature sensitive making it ideal for critical time applications in very humid, very cold and / or damp applications.

Rhino PP2190 adheres tenaciously to most substrates including concrete, timber, steel and fibreglass.

Rhino MP2195 Sprayed on Polyurea lining

Rhino Linings Rhino MP2195 is a modified or “hybrid” Polyurea which combines many of the application advantages of Rhino PP2190 but with the cost advantages of traditional Polyurethanes.

Spray applied using high pressure, heated, plural component spray equipment Rhino MP2195 provides outstanding physical strength, elongation, abrasion resistance and excellent adhesion properties.

Rhino MP2195 adheres tenaciously to most substrates including concrete, timber, steel and fibreglass.