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Building a home for all seasons

Supplier: Comfort Heat Australia
17 October, 2012

There are many decisions which need to be made when undertaking a major renovation or new build of your home.

It also requires some imagination to work out how to live in these unbuilt spaces to ensure they are comfortable in both winter and summer. 

Comfort Heat Australia has worked with many customers making these decisions to ensure their new home is warm in winter without a huge financial burden.

Floor heating provides a gentle pervasive heat to any internal space while remaining totally invisible — making no impact on the internal living spaces or décor. 

As heat naturally rises it makes sense to put your heating in the floor. If this can be achieved cost effectively, then there are few arguments against its installation. Also, there are many new home owners who are experiencing floor heating first hand and will never go back to any other form of heating.

Floor heating is a gentle low heat which eliminates some of the drawbacks of other traditional heating methods which usually have a high heat source, gas emissions, dust creation or smoke. 

Also, these traditional heating methods usually exist in one room of the house and take up floor space which could be better utilised. 

However, regardless of the heating methods employed, the heat generated will quickly escape if the house does not have good insulation properties.

Australians build houses with free-flowing living spaces which open to the outside for the summer gatherings of friends on hot lazy afternoons. Due to the large spaces and the expanses of windows, Australian houses are not well insulated in winter. 

Many visitors to Australia from colder countries in the northern hemisphere often remark on how cold they are during an Australian winter. 

Our house designs often ignore the three to four months of winter as they seem unimportant — until you need to live through one. 

Also, with the leaching of heat from our houses comes an increase in the cost associated with the energy required to get the spaces comfortable. Most of this energy is essentially wasted as it will not be in the spaces you are living in.

Floor heating solves a number of these heating issues as it is low heat, it rises from the floor and passes through the living spaces. There are no mechanical devices internally to move the heat through the space, the heating is invisible and does not take up any space in a room; it can be installed in many rooms for a whole of house solution and is totally controllable to maximise the heating and minimise the energy costs.

Comfort Heat has experience over many years providing heating solutions for projects, both large and small. They can provide initial designs and costing from floor plans and employ engineers and trade professionals to ensure each design is technically competent. 

If you have a project which needs a heating solution, contact Comfort Heat on 1300 13 WARM or visit the website www.comfortheat.com.au