How can a fleet tracking system prevent reckless driving?

As a fleet owner or manager, you have to ensure maximum utilization of assets that contribute to the growth of the company and add to its revenue. All vehicles should operate smoothly.

As a fleet owner or manager, you have to ensure maximum utilization of assets that contribute to the growth of the company and add to its revenue. All vehicles should operate smoothly and complete jobs on time, but reckless driving can be a major hindrance when it comes to accomplishing these goals. With a fleet tracking system like Connected Fleet, you can curb reckless driving patterns and promote safe practices. It lets you access data in real-time to make smart, informed decisions that help to monitor and manage drivers more efficiently, reducing the possibility of road accidents.


Insight into driving behaviour

Speeding is one of the most common offenses among fleet drivers, so if you look into how fast your vehicles are traveling regularly; it lets you analyze speeding and other problematic driving patterns. All you have to do is check the data available from the dashboard. Set up automatic alerts or review reports from a specific date and time range to check which drivers are driving over speed limits frequently.

Similarly, you need to be cautious about acceleration and braking as well. If drivers go too fast, they not only put themselves in danger, but their rash driving can put other motorists and pedestrians at risk. Harsh braking can lead to collisions as well. You should be on the lookout for tailgating, haphazard driving, swerving in and out of lanes, and so on – Connected Fleet lets you identify these patterns and zero in on drivers who exhibit such troubling behaviour.


Plan routes with care

When looking at the dashboard, analyze drivers’ activity, review indicators of unsafe driving, and check their driving history to spot unsafe driving patterns. If you have scheduled longer trips for some drivers, break down the routes into detailed segments so you can evaluate their driving style. Plan routes in such a way so that quick delivery and resting time for drivers is taken into account – this way drivers won’t operate the vehicle under distress and fall prey to accidents. A properly mapped delivery schedule prevents them from driving recklessly in order to meet deadlines.


Provide the right training

Connected Fleet lets you prevent driving behaviour that might lead to serious accidents. With the help of actionable safety data, you can pinpoint trends and patterns of bad driving for individual drivers. Use this information to create customized training sessions for individuals and groups with specific driving habits. They should know what reckless driving means, how devastating its consequences can be, and ways to avoid such driving patterns. They should be aware of traffic rules and regulations and obey them. Specific behavioral training is also necessary so they don’t indulge in road rage or drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol.


Evaluate the performance of drivers

It is imperative to maintain safety report cards and driver ratings – simply monitoring them on the road won’t suffice. Regular evaluations are a must to monitor their progress and identify areas where drivers are facing problems and taking appropriate action. You can determine who needs additional training, based on predictive analytics. You know which drivers are driving recklessly and which ones are following safety standards- it lets you reinforce correct driving habits and reward them, respectively.


How can predictive analytics prevent reckless driving?

Predictive analytics in fleet management is based on data available to managers, which helps them to take action before an incident occurs, thus staying a step ahead of the problems. There can be several sources of data such as telematics software installed in the vehicles, cameras in and around the vehicle, traffic cameras, sensors in the vehicle, etc. Telematics systems in vehicles such as Connected Fleet can alert fleet managers about each driver’s driving patterns and the whole fleet. When they get alerts about harsh braking, rapid accelerations, or any other telltale indicators of reckless driving, they can be logged into the system immediately. Thus, detailed records of drivers can be maintained – this information could be used to develop customized training modules to rectify driving behaviour and improve road safety. Data about accidents are also available to managers. When analyzing this data, you can identify certain patterns as to why these accidents occur and how they can be prevented.



Invest in Anstel’s fleet tracking technology via Connected Fleet, so you have better control over the safety and security of your drivers. Not only that, but you can maximize fleet visibility and monitor driving behaviour to curb reckless driving before it ends up hampering your business and reputation.


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