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C-M Concrete Products

C-M Concrete Products | Precast Civil Engineering Products

C-M Concrete Products

C-M Concrete Products are specialists in the precast civil engineering products industry. C-M Concrete manufactures a variety of products including, stormwater drainage systems, WSUD products and traffic islands.

The practical experience of staff at C-M Concrete, coupled with their sound knowledge of precast manufacture, will ensure the immediate functionality of any custom-made product to meet the desired objectives.

C-M Concrete Products acknowledges that careful design and manufacturing refinement play are of key importance in the production of products; therefore we constantly strive to ensure our products both look good and are of peak practical efficiency.

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C-M Concrete Products, in keeping with our commitment to manufacture of quality and innovative products, is happy to discuss the development and manufacture of custom-made products to satisfy your particular needs.

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